Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing throughout the course.

  2. If you have experienced/are experiencing any of the following, please let the tutor know in writing BEFORE the course commences (Any information submitted will be in confidence and not disclosed to any other party):

        a.      Epilepsy /Diabetes/ Asthma/ High or Low Blood Pressure/ Pacemaker fitted
        b.      Any medical problems of an acute or chronic nature
        c.       Any emotional or mental trauma that has resulted in your seeking medical advice or treatment.
        d.     Suffered from any drug (prescribed or otherwise), alcohol or substance abuse

  3.  If there is any other information that may be relevant please let the tutor know before you start the course.

  4. In a tutored course you are responsible for the safety of your personal belongings.  Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur at the course venue.

  5.  During teaching sessions students are asked not to carry out any type of healing, therapy work or intuitive consultations without first obtaining permission from the course tutor.

  6. Any deposit paid in advance is non–refundable.

  7. All fees paid are per person per course. For tutored courses the cost of the course covers venue, tuition fees, and course notes. The cost does NOT cover your travel expenses, any refreshment expenses, materials, stationary etc.

  8. In the event that a class has to be changed or cancelled, an extra session will be arranged by Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training in order to complete the full course at no additional cost.

  9. Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training must be notified in advance if the student is unable to attend a class.

  10. Withdrawal from courses:

        a.      If the student needs to withdraw from the course, no monies will be refunded.
        b.      If the student is asked to leave, for an upheld reason monies paid in advance for future lessons will be refunded, but monies paid for sessions received will not be subject to refund.
        c.       If a course opens but a student fails to attend, the deposit will be forfeit.

  11. If there is dissatisfaction with the course, the tutor must be notified immediately. Retrospective complaints are noted through the evaluation procedure and will not be considered as reason for refunds.

  12. All course material, techniques taught and handouts are intended for the sole use of the student as a therapist and are not to be copied, reproduced or taught without the written agreement of Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training.

  13. Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training reserves the right

    a) to decline an application (e.g. contra-indicated medical condition), in which case all fees paid, will be refunded
    b) to terminate from the course a student it feels is disruptive or for non-payment of fees, no refund applicable.

Booking Conditions © 2023 Helen Jane Meyrick, Dreamstone Holistics – Therapies & Training